by Marko Bozikovic


Ok. I'm a software designer, and not a web designer, so this page doesn't (and probably never will) look very pretty. Here you can find projects I'm developing in my free time.

SystemMeter plugin for PowerPro
This plugin for PowerPro (one of the greatest utility programs ever) was inspired by SysMeter by thirty4 interactive. It is used to monitor various system resources.

Note: I could really use some cool skins :-)

A screenshot of SystemMeter in action.
This is the readme file.
History file is here.
Latest SystemMeter version is here. The source is also available for those who like to dig around.
PowerPro can be found here.
Thirty4 interactive site is this way.

Console is a Win console window enhancement. It was inspired by eConsole, a great console enhancement program. I wanted to make it a bit faster, and add some things that I missed in eConsole (like alpha transparency under Win2000)

Note: Console doesn't work under Win9x/Me. It was developed and tested on Win2000, it probably works on WinNT/XP, too, but you never know :-)
Unfortunately, I don't have the time right now to try and make it work under Win9x/Me.

Have fun!

NOTE: Console has been moved to SourceForge. Project page is here.

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